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Music Licensing France & Switzerland
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Artistic Production
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Juliette Metz Juliette METZ
Executive Director







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ENCORE MERCI is a production music company with more than 55 000 tracks all available online.

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ENCORE MERCI was created in 1987 by David SÉCHAN and Juliette METZ. Ten years later, in 1997, the company focuses mainly on producing and developing instrumental production music catalogs.


ENCORE MERCI produces MUSIC SHOP, its own production music collection. MUSIC SHOP is a mainstream catalog with tracks composed by some very talented and internationally famous composers such as Didier and Francis Lockwood, Richard Galliano, Pierre Adenot, Jean Leccia, François Jeanneau, Faton Cohen, Jean-Pierre Alarcen or Steve Shehan…


In 1999, ENCORE MERCI collaborated with WARNER CHAPPELL MUSIC FRANCE in order to produce MUSIC GALLERY, a 5 cd box-set gathering some one hundred hand-picked tracks, which became a reference in the small world of the production music industry.


In 2005, ENCORE MERCI launched, along with Nature & découvertes’ music label VOX TERRAE PUBLISHING, a new collection: MUSIC SHOP ZEN. This fashionable collection mainly oriented towards well-being, relaxation and spirituality is a great international success.


In 2008, MUSIC SHOP TOOLS was born. This collection is designed as an intuitive and flexible tool for media professionals. It brings together, under different formats, evolving beds, musical loops, sequencing, groove, drones, repetitive and minimalist tunes or even a large scale of ready to use percussion.


Finally, in 2011, ENCORE MERCI decides to create a digital only collection, rightfully intitled  MUSIC SHOP ONLINE.


MUSIC SHOP, MUSIC GALLERY, MUSIC SHOP ZEN, MUSIC SHOP TOOLS and MUSIC SHOP ONLINE are all, to this day, distributed around the world by 27 sub-publishers. Discover here who represents us worldwide.


Set aside their professional activities within ENCORE MERCI, David SÉCHAN was vice president of the SACEM board and is currently reporting counsellor and Juliette METZ is president of the French Production Music Association : Union des Librairies Musicales. She is also a member of the French Publishers’ Union board : CSDEM.